Palm Vein Recognition

How It Works
The method of palm vein recognition is based on the principle of reading emissions of the reflection of person’s hand in the near-infr

Fingerprint Recognition

Principle of the Method
In the center of the biometric method of fingerprint recognition is the technology for obtaining a graphic image of the finger

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Fingerprint Recognition

A fingerprint is a structure that appears as a pattern of papillary ridges formed by the dermal papillae that lie beneath them. A papillary image is a pattern […]


Palm Vein Recognition

Palm vein recognition uses near-infrared scanning of subcutaneous palm veins to recognize a pattern, unique to every person. Palm vein identification is a contactless technology that provides extremely […]


The Biosmart Studio V5 provides intuitive, powerful, and customizable software to manage your biometric devices. In addition, this system supports access control and time attendance modes, as well […]

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